"John is a captivating speaker, leaving audiences moved, inspired, and eager for more."

Are you seeking a dynamic and impactful speaker to move, motivate, and inspire? John Ruffini is that speaker! With a wealth of leadership experience and a heartfelt narrative to share with respect to the perseverance, determinatoin, and resilience he and his wife demonstrated during the international adoption of their third child, John is the perfect choice to captivate your audience with his insights. His newly released book, A Quest for Alex, reached #1 on Amazon in two categories and his business book, Money Makers, is also an Amazon Best Seller.

About John Ruffini:

John Ruffini is a renowned speaker, author, and motivator.  He is a successful staffing industry executive who has trained and mentored thousands of recruiting professionals.  Personlly, he is an advocate in the realm of international adoption. He enlightens audiences about the challenges and triumphs of building family through adoption and is able to draw correlations of that journey into the business world.

Why Choose John as Your Speaker:

  1. He inspires.

  2. He is able to relate to all audiences.

  3. He is authentic and is able to take real-world, relateable experiences and translate them into successful leadership tenents.

  4. He brings energy, excitement, interaction, and fun to every engagement and sometimes even a little live musical performance!

Speaking Topics:

  1. Improving Employee Engagement through Purposeful Communication

  2. Persevering Through Adversity

  3. Building Your Brand on Social Media

  4. The Importance of 'Why' in Business and in Life

  5. What Are You Doing? (A deep dive into building skills, advancing careers, and buiding relationships.)

Book John Ruffini Today:

Invite John Ruffini to your event, conference, or gathering and provide your audience with an unforgettable experience. John's authentic storytelling, combined with his expertise, promises to leave a lasting impression and inspire individuals to embrace their own paths of resilience, hope, and determination.

To inquire about speaker rates and booking, please email John at john@johnruffini.com.